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Eurasian Eononometrics, Statistics and Emprical Economics Journal Year:  2018  Volume:   9
Hilala Jafarova, Rovshan Aliyev, SudabaSalihova
1- Analysis of the Relationship between Brent Crude Oil and Gold Prices in R
  Abstract   Detail
S. Erdal DİNÇER, Emre EKİN
2- DEMATEL Solution Approach to Determine the Risk and Success Factors of Investment Projects in Information Technologies
  Abstract   Detail
Selahattin Güriş, Engin Bekar
3- Modeling Inflation Series with the Parametric and Semiparametric Transition Models and Comparison of Their Forecasting Performances
  Abstract   Detail
Nihan Acar Denizli
4- A Review On Functional Data Analysis Approach and Its Fields of Use
  Abstract   Detail
Çiğdem, Arıcıgil Çilan
5- Examining Perceived Issues in Health Care Services By Using Nonparametric Tests and Correspondence Analysis
  Abstract   Detail

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